Rhino Warrior - WIP
Omar chaouch rhino half master

Texture and light tweaking.

Omar chaouch rhino full color master

Vray color test.

Omar chaouch rhino test clay front

more render tests

Omar chaouch rhino camera01 master

render tests

Omar chaouch animal warrirors 01
Omar chaouch animal warrirors 02
Omar chaouch animal warrirors 03

The next animals to make. This is how it start with super quick and rough 10 min sketches.

Rhino Warrior - WIP

The finished project can be found here!

After watching The Turtles movies and Zootropia I wanted to create my own anthropomorphic world but much rougher and really gritty. There is still a lot I want to do and try out with this project so it will probably be ongoing for a while longer.

More artwork
Omar chaouch thumbnail hex omar chaouchOmar chaouch hippo animal warrior omar chaouch thumbnailOmar chaouch scifi farmer thumbnail