Generation 01
Omar chaouch large h

Fullsize, 1500*3000px

Omar chaouch half
Omar chaouch whole lit
Omar chaouch composite breakdown

Short composition breakdown

Omar chaouch composite gif

composition gif

Omar chaouch modeling show
Generation 01

This is an old project of mine from about 5 years back. It was done as concept for a game character. I found the source files on my backup drive and thought it would be fun to render it out in Vray.
Originally it had plating covering the insides, but for showcasing purposes this was more fun to render out and do some quick tests. As this is an old model done in Maya I can´t really stand for the design :) and I didn´t want to invest to much time on this other then render out some images and making a small composition breakdown.

I hope you enjoy!

More artwork
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