Substance Painter - Excersise / Gumroad files

General / 23 April 2018

I recently held a course on Substance Painter where I walked through my process and for the first part of the course I created these assets. So that all of them would have something to work on. I thought I´d share them for everyone who wishes to have a project ready for texturing and delve down into the amazing  software that is Substance Painter....(or any other texturing software).

Heres the link to download the assets:
Download Gumroad files here

What includes in the gumroad file is a fbx of the bust (excluding haircards) together with 6-4K meshbakes. (Worldspace normals, normals, AO, Curvature, Position, IDs)

For the second part of the course we looked at how to use painter to reach a more handpainted style, I´ll be releasing those assets aswell at a later point.

Hope you enjoy!

/ Omar